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Contract Works Cover

Contract works cover, Contractors insurance policy

Hensure Business Solutions specialise in Contract works cover and can help to provide bespoke solutions for both large and small enterprises. If you work in the construction industry, it is likely you will carry out contractual site work at some point. You will be responsible for insuring the work done until it has been completed and handed over to the principal at practical completion.

contract works coverWhat would happen if during the build phase of the project there was a fire on the site and all of the work completed so far was destroyed? You would be responsible for ensuring that all of the work was done again and would have to foot the bill for all of the costs involved. You may also have plant, equipment and other tools that are on site and need to be covered for loss or damage.

The correct contractors all risk policy can help to cover these situations and cover is usually split between:

Contract Works Cover
This policy will cover the permanent and temporary works executed in performance of the contract and materials for use in connection therewith.

Contractors Plant and Equipment
This policy can cover your own plant and equipment and also any plant that you may hire in from a hire company. In fact the policy will not only cover you for the cost of the equipment hired in, but will also cover the cost of the hire charges for each day that the rental company cannot hire out the machinery as a result of the loss. The insurance covers circumstances where the plant and machinery are damaged or stolen.

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Key Points

  • Covers the permanent and temporary works executed in the performance of the contract.

  • Employee's tools can be covered for a small additional charge.

  • Cover available for own plant and equipment and for hired in plant.

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