A Client recently approached us to help support a new business they were starting up, which involved the storing of documents both physically and virtually for their clients.

This type of activity is only done by a handful of companies.

As a result, we initially experienced some difficulty in obtaining quotes due to the nature of the business activities and insurer’s not being able to fit the client’s needs to a policy wording. We identified an insurer early on that we thought could have provided the cover required but unfortunately this drew a blank.

Knowing that this was a niche activity with specific risks, we approached multiple insurers undeterred and were able to source a quote from our wider market for professional indemnity insurance and then from our main providers for insurance policies such as Directors & Officers, Cyber and Legal Expenses.

We identified these with the client as areas of exposure the company may face whilst operating and had running conversations via phone, email and zoom with them to finalise appropriate needs and cover.

Our extensive experience and contacts have ensured that this client now has in place the cover required at a competitive rate.

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