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Contractor’s Plant and Equipment

Many building sites have a vast array of high value items of plant and equipment that are very theft attractive. Current estimates place the value of plant theft alone at £ 1 million each week.

Historically manufacturers have not fitted security devices to construction equipment( plant). It is therefore common to find a £ 60,000 excavator , without any form of reliable security, being left overnight on an open contract site.

Equally, a significant amount of driven plant is not road registered and often manufacturer markings are either difficult to find or easy to remove.

This makes it very easy to steal high value items of driven plant and the lack of proper identification means that Poiice have little chance of accurately identifying rightful ownership should they suspect an item has been stolen.

24 hours after a theft has taken place most stolen plant is in a container ready to be taken outside the country.

Here are a few simple measure to make the lives of would be criminals more difficult

  • Mark all equipment, vehicles and machinery with an identification number or unique mark.
  • Where practical , disable the equipment at night by removing the distributor cap, rotor arm or battery and consider the use of immobilisors.
  • Ensure that gates are secured with robust padlocks or chains.
  • Secure equipment with heavy chains and good quality locks.
  • Put lockable caps on fuel outlets to prevent theft.

The Insurance options available for contractors include cover for own plant, hired in plant, tools and equipment, contract works, business premises and revenue protection covers.

Many insurers will offer discounts to customers who have a good claims experience and can prove that they have a proactive approach to the management of their theft risk.

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