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Quotation form for Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Our Directors & Officers Liability Insurance package is designed to provide you with the maximum cover at the best possible prices. We compare cover on your behalf with a number of different leading insurance companies so that you don’t have to.

The best cover, the best premiums, the best service. Guaranteed!

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Application Form

Your Details

Applicant Company or Charity Name:
Company or Charity Registered Number:
Person to contact about Insurance:
Contact Telephone Number(s)
Website Address
Contact email Address
Proposed inception date for policy
Applicants business or industry sector:
Applicant is a:
Address of Applicant (Principal address – including subsidiary and associated companies to be covered:


Qualifying Statements

The statements below attach to the policy if one is issued. Insurers reply upon these statements when deciding whether or not to offer insurance to the Applicant. If the answer is No to any of the following statements, insurers will require some further information before proceeding. Your broker will provide you with a supplementary questionnaire for completion.

The Applicant can confirm that:

Yes No
It’s shares (if any) are privately held (ie not publicity traded on any stock exchange) and they plan to remain so for
the next 18 months.
Its annual report and accounts are not overdue to Companies House
Its annual financial statements have been prepared by a qualified accountant and are less than 18 months old.
It, or its Directors, Offices or Managers are not aware of any claim(s) that have been made in the past, or any Circumstance(s) that could give rise to a claim being made in the future, against the Applicant, or its Directors,Officers or Managers involving the following:

  • Its Employees
  • Its Customers
  • Its Shareholders
  • Its former or current Directors or Shareholders
  • Government authorities e.g. HM Revenue and Customs, Department of Trade and Industry
  • Accountants, Liquidators or receivers

Or, any person or entry not mentioned above. This is regardless of whether or not the claim(s) or, circumstance (s) has been notified to the Applicant’s current or previous insurer.

No business (es) or other activities under its past, present or planned future management or ownership involve any
Activities in Aviation, Banking, Telecommunications, National or Local Government or as an Insurance Company
(Rather than merely an intermediary or service provider).
It is not presently insured through Hensure Underwriting


Select Level Of Cover

Identify your turnover range, select the limit available for the level of turnover and then tick the checkbox for the required Limit of Insurance

Applicant Annual Turnover Limit Tick checkbox
Up to £250,000 £50,000
Up to £250,000 £100,000
Up to £250,000 £250,000
Up to £250,000 £500,000


Applicant Annual Turnover Limit
£250,000 to £1m £250,000
£250,000 to £1m £500,000
£250,000 to £1m £1,000,000


Applicant Annual Turnover Limit
£1m to £2m £500,000
£1m to £2m £1,000,000


Applicant Annual Turnover Limit
£2m and above We will require some further informaton to provide Bespoke quotation


Similar to other professional insurances the Director’s policy, described herein, is underwritten on what is known as a ‘claims made basis’. This means that the policy will only provide cover against the claims or circumstances discovered and notified to the Insurers during the period of insurance. The nature and type of insurance cover offered can vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer, therefore, it is important to ensure that you have the cover that is right for you.


All material facts must be disclosed, including any which might be expected to arise or change prior to the inception date of the contract of insurance. Failure to do so may cause the contract of insurance to be void. A material fact is one likely to influence the acceptance or assessment of the risk by Insurers. If the Applicant is in any doubt as to what constitutes a material fact they should consult their insurance broker.


The Applicant warrants to the best of his or her knowledge and belief that all the information contained in this Application Form is true and includes all material information. The Applicant warrants that if the information supplied herein changes between the date of this Application and the inception date of the Policy, the Applicant will immediately notify the Insurers of such change, and accepts that in such circumstances, any quotation may be modified or withdrawn. The signatory below is authorised to sign this Application on behalf of the Applicant.



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