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Why professional indemnity insurance for property auditors should be a priority.

As a Property Auditor, you provide a service that comes with an expectation of a certain level of professionalism and specialist knowledge.

When things go wrong you may well be held to account for any financial losses with legal action, and professional indemnity insurance is designed to mitigate the effects of such actions.

It is important to understand that professional indemnity policies are written on a claims made basis, which means that they provide cover for claims made against you during the policy (i.e. after the inception or renewal date), that relate to work that you have done at any time after the retroactive date.

The retroactive date should coincide with the date that you started trading or the effective date of your first professional indemnity policy. It is possible to arrange a policy with a retroactive date of none, which effectively provides cover in respect of all previous periods.

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Professional indemnity insurance for property auditors. PI insurance cover.

  • Company Size – this will be one of the major factors that an insurer will look at when determining the price to charge for your insurance. This can be established in two ways, the gross annual income of the company and the number of partners/directors/employees.
  • Qualifications and experience – insurers will be interested in understanding how much experience that you have in this particular profession. If you have less than five years’ experience, then they may wish to see a copy of your CV to ensure that you are comfortable with the risk.
  • Type of work – insurers will want to know the split of your annual income derived from each discipline that you get involved in.
  • Retroactive exposure – does the business have an exposure to claims arising from past work, whether in the current business or a previous company?
  • Overseas exposure – does the practice carry out work for overseas clients? Underwriters will be particularly interested if you work for clients based in USA/ Canada, as this very often represents a bigger risk for the insurers due to the litigious nature of North American society.
  • Claims experience – the claims experience is an important factor in the assessment of a risk. This information reflects on the type of work carried out by a company. It also reflects the quality of the company’s work, experience, staff & internal risk management.

A typical Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for property auditors will normally cover the following areas:

  • Breach of Civil Liability
  • Negligent act, error or omission
  • Negligence of sub-contractors
  • Irrecoverable fees
  • Bodily injury or property damage arising from breach of professional duty
  • Defence costs
  • Unintentional intellectual property rights infringement (other than patents)
  • Unintentional breach of confidentiality
  • Unintentional defamation
  • Loss of third-party documents or data
  • Computer virus transmission
  • Court attendance costs
  • Breach of estate agents' legislation
  • Ombudsmen awards

Your policy coverage may vary between insurer.

Professional Indemnity

  • Professional Indemnity provides cover for claims that arise as a result of the work you have completed or advice you have given.

Public Liability

  • Public Liability provides cover should members of the public receive an injury or property damage due to your work. This protects your business should a compensation claim be made, also covering any legal costs that result from this.

Employers’ Liability

  • Employers’ Liability provides cover for compensation claims and associated legal costs, arising from employee injury or work-related illness.

Cyber Insurance

  • Cyber Insurance provides support in the event of cyber-crime and unintentional data breaches, offering cover against the cost of revenue and fines.

Directors and Officers

  • Directors and Officers insurance policies protect you financially against any claims that are made against you personally in your position as a director, partner or officer of your business.

Legal expenses insurance

  • If you were involved in a legal battle, knowing that any money you spend on legal bills would be reimbursed could make all the difference. Legal expenses insurance does just that. It ensures that your business remains financially stable after a legal case by helping to compensate the business for incurred costs.


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Contacted Hensure regarding Public Liability and PI insurance. So glad I did! Rhian was so professional, friendly, and helpful. Definitely recommend anyone to contact them first.

Jackie Skeer, Skeer Building Consultancy Ltd

PI insurance – Everything you need to know

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers legal expenses incurred in defending a claim against you, even if the claim is false. It will also cover the compensation awarded, should they win their case, and the cost of any losses that they incurred as a result of your negligence.

If your business ceases operations, there is still a chance that a claim could be made against you in the future. PI Insurance can provide run-off cover to ensure that these claims are still covered and you are still protected.

You can buy short-term PI Insurance cover, but it comes with a significant risk that must be considered.

Professional Indemnity Insurance works on a claims made basis, meaning that the insurance policy that you hold at the time the claim is made is responsible for the claims and any associated costs. If you cancel the policy after your contract has ended, and a client then makes a claim against you after this time, you do not have any insurance to cover this and will be solely liable.

You must hold insurance at both the time the incident occurs, and the time that the claim is made, to be protected.

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